A downloadable game

Welcome to a world full of conspiracy theories, secret operations, stealth missions and unsolvable ciphers.

You are the secret agent. Betrayed and alone you search for the truth and at the same time try to save the very world in which you no longer have a place. 

Many stealth missions and exciting action await you in Renegade Agent!

 The Hub  

Every day begins in the safest place you know – your office. Here you have everything you need: your telephone, projector, file folders and various gadgets to aid you. Everything you see you can fully interact with. Gather pieces of information from the daily newspaper as new puzzles and riddles await you every day. Solve them all to get the best ending.


 The Quest  

It is time to set out on your quest for the truth! Be careful though; every step you take will have consequences and only fully prepared you can overcome the challenges that await you. Read every bit of intel you have before setting out on your quest; even the smallest details matter!

 The Infiltration

Get ready for difficult and dangerous missions at various locations. Will you enter a building unnoticed or will corpses pave your way? It is on you to decide how you will tackle each mission and what its ultimate outcome will be.

Development log


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Claims to be a downloadable game. Nowhere can I download it. Sounds great.

Sorry! Prototype was available before, but I took the project at full time  and decided to make out of this prototype a full release. 

Any estimates for 0.05  build?

0.05 went to the WUP (windows universal platform) and never came back from it. So i decided to sent you 0.06

A lot more of changes will be in next update tho, cuz I finnaly going full time to work on this game. 

Thank you !


I wanted to record a gameplay today but instead of that I have some bugs to report.

  • [Low settings] Projector doesn't work, showing some sort of house wallpaper and blank white box where slides should appear.
  • The game is poorly optimized and when you get caught the dialogue is not understandable.
  • [Medium settings] The guards lights go through walls. I didn't check if they can catch me.
  • The movement sometimes doesn't work and instead of moving the guy is just standing.

I stopped checking the game when the dialogue started so this may not be the only things. 

Don't get me wrong it's an interesting game, it's just not playable now. I'm looking forward to play this game again when it will get better.

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Thanks for the testing! I will look into the problem to fix it in next build.

I would really appreciate if you'll tell me your pc specifications. c: